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Elle Fanning by Steven Pan for Interview Magazine

Elle Fanning by Steven Pan for Interview Magazine


This short film by Floria Sigismondi, staring Elle Fanning and John Hawkes, weaves together a complicated yet simple story of a father and daughter, lost in the world, trying to find something to run toward. By the end of the film, you see that they have come close to finding this thing - much like the rest of us. We may never know what we’re headed toward, but we know something will be waiting for us.

The film uses landscape, clothing, colour and light to communicate and reflect the story being told. All these elements do their job of assimilating into the context well, because the story still has a very stripped-down, bare feel, reflecting the emotional cliff both father and daughter find themselves on.

It’s only 12 minutes long, and yet an entire lifetime seems to go by in that span. There are moments of fear and tenderness, i found myself relating to the relationship depicted more and more, and by the closing credits I had felt a shift in my heart. I hope you can take away something beautiful as well.

ps. did i mention music by Sigur Ros? oh, be still my heart!

(Source: unculturedmagazine)